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How the Bible Became Holy

How the Bible Became Holy

In this startling reinterpretation of biblical history, a leading scholar shows how the Bible became the sacred text it is today


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Interview on the Moncrieff Show

I was interviewed today on the Moncrieff Show, on Dublin’s Newstalk Radio, about How the Bible Became Holy. The interview can be heard here.

New Course Syllabus: Great Jewish Books

I will be teaching a new course this fall (2014) entitled Great Jewish Books.  The description is: Judaism is sometimes defined as an extended conversation between writers in different places and times, writing in different languages. This course will give you access into this conversation. Who are the major thinkers and their works? What are...

And a couple more reviews….

Above is the interview that I had with Steven Weiss on The Jewish Channel about my book.  My three minutes begins at 4:00. Two other reviews appeared the other week in newspapers: Philadelphia Inquirer Wall Street Journal

More Reviews

Reviews of How the Bible Became Holy have begun to appear.  Here are the ones that I know about: JWeekly: The Jewish Daily Forward: Commentary: Los Angeles Review of Books: There has also been a surprisingly sophisticated discussion of the book appearing in less formal web venues, which is especially gratifying....

Hiring for an Academic Job (3): Process

In the last two posts I discussed establishing the criteria for an academic job and the data necessary for assessments.  In this post I want to put the pieces together into a concrete process and then offer a few closing reflections on this series. The committee should determine which materials to solicit from applicants based...

Hiring for an Academic Job (2): Data

In the last post I discussed the benefits of a search committee or (better) entire academic unit determining, in advance and as specifically as possible, the criteria that will be used in the process of an academic job search.  Here, using for illustrative purposes the criteria developed in the last post, I want to discuss...

Hiring for an Academic Job (1): Criteria

Ever since reading Daniel Kahneman’s great book, Thinking, Fast and Slow, I have been intrigued by the issue of how the ideas about hiring and predicting success that he discusses might apply to the academic job market (I wrote some initial thoughts here).  Recently I have been more directly involved in some academic job searches,...

Review: Catholic News Agency

I just saw that a review of How the Bible Became Holy was released by the Catholic News Service.   From there it has been (or will be) published in a number of Catholic publications.  It can be accessed here.

Review of The Study of Judaism

  My review of Aaron Hughes, The Study of Judaism, has recently been posted.  You can access it here.

Jewish Time in Early Nineteenth Century America

A new article of mine just appeared in the American Jewish Archives Journal. Abstract: Jewish Time in Early-Nineteenth-Century America: 1–29 In 1806, a clerk in Newport, Rhode Island, by the name of Moses Lopez published the first free-standing Jewish calendar in the Americas. In this article, Satlow investigates both the historical context in which this...
Passover and the Festival of Matzot

Passover and the Festival of Matzot

I have a new essay, “Passover and the Festival of Matzot: Synthesizing Two Holidays,” over at  Check it out here!

Book Launch

Although the official launch date for my book, How the Bible Became Holy, is not until April 15, I see that it is now shipping (and available on Kindle) from Amazon. And I hope that you like the new spiffy design on this website, thanks to Ariana Parenti and the crack online marketing team at...