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How the Bible Became Holy

How the Bible Became Holy

In this startling reinterpretation of biblical history, a leading scholar shows how the Bible became the sacred text it is today


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Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine Presentation

This is an exciting time for the “Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine” project.  This online project seeks to collect and make accessible all of the published inscriptions from the region from the Persian period through the early seventh century CE.  We have been spending much time changing our data to make it “EpiDoc conformant” (a data standard...

Beggar at the Banquet

At this year’s Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting I will be presenting two papers.  The first of these, entitled “Beggar at the Banquet,” will be given in a joint session sponsored by the Meals in the Greco-Roman World Section and the Meals in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Consultation (S23-330).  The topic of the session...

Was Paul a Palestinian Jew?

In her review of How the Bible Became Holy in the Wall Street Journal, Sarah Ruden wrote: He tries to undercut, for instance, the well-founded consensus that Paul was a Diaspora Jew, from a family established in Tarsus (in modern-day Turkey), who first lived in Jerusalem during his youth or young adulthood for study and...

Another Review: H-Net

Another review of How the Bible Became Holy, this one by Ronald Hendel, was posted on H-Net and is available here.

Sibling Relationships among Jews in Antiquity

A new essay of mine just appeared: “What Does Love Have to Do with It?  Sibling Relationships among Judean Jews in the First-Third Centuries CE,” in Ehe-Familie-Gemeinde (eds. Dorothee Dettinger and Christof Landmesser), 103-16. Leipzig: Evangelische Verlangsanstalt, 2014. PDF available here.

Interview on How the Bible Became Holy

Reform Judaism Magazine has printed an interview with me about my book in their latest edition.  An online version can be found here.

New Course: Religion, Race, and Ethnicity in the Ancient Mediterranean

Yes, I have the privilege of teaching two new courses this fall.  Herein is the Syllabus for my graduate seminar.  The description is below: The terms religion, ethnicity, and (less frequently) race are often used in discussions of the ancient Mediterranean. In recent years, however, they have been coming under increasing interrogation: Do the ancients...

How do you say, “How the Bible Became Holy,” in Italian?

I am happy to report that Bollati Boringhieri Editore, part of the Gruppo Editoriale Mauri Spagnol, has acquired the Italian rights to my book, with publication slated for fall, 2015.   Stay tuned!

Interview on the Moncrieff Show

I was interviewed today on the Moncrieff Show, on Dublin’s Newstalk Radio, about How the Bible Became Holy. The interview can be heard here.

New Course Syllabus: Great Jewish Books

I will be teaching a new course this fall (2014) entitled Great Jewish Books.  The description is: Judaism is sometimes defined as an extended conversation between writers in different places and times, writing in different languages. This course will give you access into this conversation. Who are the major thinkers and their works? What are...

And a couple more reviews….

Above is the interview that I had with Steven Weiss on The Jewish Channel about my book.  My three minutes begins at 4:00. Two other reviews appeared the other week in newspapers: Philadelphia Inquirer Wall Street Journal

More Reviews

Reviews of How the Bible Became Holy have begun to appear.  Here are the ones that I know about: JWeekly: The Jewish Daily Forward: Commentary: Los Angeles Review of Books: There has also been a surprisingly sophisticated discussion of the book appearing in less formal web venues, which is especially gratifying....