Reviews of How the Bible Became Holy have begun to appear.  Here are the ones that I know about:


The Jewish Daily Forward:


Los Angeles Review of Books:

There has also been a surprisingly sophisticated discussion of the book appearing in less formal web venues, which is especially gratifying.

Some of the reviews raise serious issues that deserve response.  Despite my desire to respond to them as they come out (I am practically jumping out of my skin with the desire to do so), I do believe that the “author is dead” (metaphorically!) – I have had my say and now rather than attempting to steer the conversation I want to hear the reactions of others.  At some later point I will prepare a unified response, probably to be posted here.  Should you have any other reactions that you wish to share, by all means feel free to leave them as comments here or to email me directly (but better if they are left as comments).

Also, there is an interview with me appearing on The Jewish Channel this week.  I will post the entire interview when it appears, but highlights are contained in the clip above beginning at 6:37.