Then and Now
How the Bible Became Holy

How do you say, “How the Bible Became Holy,” in Italian?

I am happy to report that Bollati Boringhieri Editore, part of the Gruppo Editoriale Mauri Spagnol, has acquired the Italian rights to my book, with publication slated for fall, 2015.   Stay tuned!

And a couple more reviews….

Above is the interview that I had with Steven Weiss on The Jewish Channel about my book.  My three minutes begins at 4:00. Two other reviews appeared the other week in newspapers: Philadelphia Inquirer Wall Street Journal

Review: Catholic News Agency

I just saw that a review of How the Bible Became Holy was released by the Catholic News Service.   From there it has been (or will be) published in a number of Catholic publications.  It can be accessed here.

Book Launch

Although the official launch date for my book, How the Bible Became Holy, is not until April 15, I see that it is now shipping (and available on Kindle) from Amazon. And I hope that you like the new spiffy design on this website, thanks to Ariana Parenti and the crack online marketing team at...