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Jewish Time in Early Nineteenth Century America

A new article of mine just appeared in the American Jewish Archives Journal. Abstract: Jewish Time in Early-Nineteenth-Century America: 1–29 In 1806, a clerk in Newport, Rhode Island, by the name of Moses Lopez published the first free-standing Jewish calendar in the Americas. In this article, Satlow investigates both the historical context in which this...
Passover and the Festival of Matzot

Passover and the Festival of Matzot

I have a new essay, “Passover and the Festival of Matzot: Synthesizing Two Holidays,” over at  Check it out here!

How to Write a Dissertation Prospectus

I have read countless dissertation proposals and few of them are, well, good.  That’s a shame, and not only because I often find the experience aggravating.  After all the hoops of courses, languages, and exams that you’ve jumped through, the dissertation proposal is your first real introduction to academia.  The dissertation proposal not only lays...

The Self and Science

Several years ago I wrote an article, “‘And on the Earth You Shall Sleep’”: Talmud Torah and Rabbinic Asceticism” (Journal of Religion 83 [2003]: 204-225).  In that article, I compared rabbinic “asceticism” (which I broadly define as a set of self-disciplinary practices and training of the self) to similar techniques employed by contemporary Greco-Roman philosophers...

Between Us and Them

  Praised be You, YHVH, our god, king of the universe, who has not made me a gentile; Praised be You, YHVH, our god, king of the universe, who has not made me a slave; Praised be You, YHVH, our god, king of the universe, who has not made me a woman These three lines...

From Israelite to Jew: 9: Hellenism Arrives

A discussion of Alexander’s conquest of west Asia and its aftermath (323 – 200 BCE). What is “Hellenism,” and how did the Jews react to it? Particular attention is paid to the Septuagint, Ecclesiastes, and Ecclesiasticus. The podcast can be heard here; more downloading options are here. You can also use the player below: The...

From Israelite to Jew: 2: Religion of Israel

This is the second episode of the podcast, “From Israelite to Jew.” It focuses on the religion of ancient Israel, as reflected in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and archaeological finds. The podcast can be heard here, or click on the player below. It can also be accessed via iTunes.