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Wikipedia in the Classroom

I have, in the past, used class assignments involving Wikipedia.  These usually involved students identifying weaknesses in entries dealing with the subject of the class, making the changes in Wikipedia to remedy these weaknesses, and then tracking the entry to see if anybody else modifies or deletes their changes.  I always found these assignments to...

Religion, Jazz, and their Critics

In an essay recently posted on the NPR site , Patrick Jarenwattananon asks, “Does a Jazz Critic Have to Be a Musician, Too?”  His answer: “Playing music isn’t a prerequisite for that understanding, but it can only help. Duh, right?” I have recently seen somewhere else a similar discussion about art criticism.  Does an art...

New Syllabi

I have just added two new syllabi to my “Teaching” page. Both are to classes that I will be teaching this fall: “Religion and Sexuality” and “Religion in the Dead Sea Scrolls.”